"T" stands for...

During her residency the Dutch artist Su Tomesen noticed that there are alot of English words that starts with the "T" letter that are or might be related to palestine,so sent out a list of words ,and asked the people to pick (a) word(s) and use it to tell a story,or share a thought that is related to his/her history regarding the T-word and Palestine.
This was a very intersting project to most of us,so the stories/thoughts and texts started coming. and as a result -after so much effort Su made-
1-The texts collected will be displayed as a part of Su's installation,
2-a performance of live music played by Shu Hal Ayyam accompanied with Su reading
the T-words and Rafique Nasereddin(ME!) Reading the collected stories.and that should start at 7:00 in the opening night
3-the T-words as a sound installation that puts you in the right atmosphere to sit down and write your own story during the exhibit..
Come on over and try it! Its an experience worth going through

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